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Beautiverse Team is a young team, that embraces beauty in life. Our one and only aim are to design, manufacture, develop and provide the best quality products and services to both service providers and consumers in the beauty industry.
Beautiverse Team is an international team working together on Design, Programming and Development, Manufacturing and Fulfillment, Art and Creatives, and Marketing from the United States, China, Middle East, and Canada, from different countries, languages, backgrounds, and ethnicities headquartered in Downtown Toronto, Canada.
We at Beautiverse believe in honesty and transparency, love and kindness, belonging and inclusivity, absolute excellence, and beauty as our core values.

We’d always love to hear your stories and your feedback, and we’re always available to help:
Please feel free to ask any questions or help by contacting:

If you’d like to join our team or work with us, please contact:

Please remember to Embrace Your Beauty 🙂