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Can You Get Eyelash Extensions While Pregnant?

Are you pregnant and thinking about getting lash extensions? Are you a lash artist having your […]
Can You Get Eyelash Extensions While Pregnant?

Are you pregnant and thinking about getting lash extensions? Are you a lash artist having your first ever pregnant client? You may be wondering if they are safe during pregnancy. Here’s what you need to know about lash extensions and pregnancy.

Lash extensions are a beauty treatment that adds length and fullness to natural eyelashes. They are usually made from synthetic fibers, and are attached to the natural lash with an adhesive. Lash extensions can last for several weeks with proper care but will eventually fall out as your natural lashes grow and the shed cycle continues.

So, are lash extensions safe during pregnancy? The answer is yes but, if you’re considering getting lash extensions while pregnant, talk to your doctor prior to booking an appointment.

Here’s what you need to be aware of when booking as a pregnant client:


It’s important to know potential risks ahead of time. You need to not only protect yourself, but also your child.

The biggest risk to pregnant women comes from eyelash adhesive. Some lash adhesives use formaldehyde in their ingredients list.

Formaldehyde is a toxic gas that’s used in many beauty products and also in embalming fluid formulas. There’s not a lot of data on how formaldehyde affects unborn babies, so please ask your lash tech if they use a formaldehyde free adhesive.

They technically shouldn’t be using this ingredient as it is no longer needed in lash adhesives and is harmful to us when exposed for a long period of time.



The typical lash extension position of lying on the back for a few hours may be uncomfortable or dangerous for you if you are pregnant.

If you are UNDER 20 weeks pregnant… you can lie safely on your back like normal.

If your client is OVER 20 weeks pregnant… you cannot lie safely on your back for this long.

The Solution:

Ask your lash tech ahead of your appointment time to create a comfortable space where you can lie on your side instead of on your back.

Lie down on your side with your head straight. You can use a knee pillow to help be more comfortable throughout the service.


If you’re pregnant and you’re lying on your side, you’ll likely need more breaks to stretch out or give your neck a break.

As the lash artist: Don’t try to lash both eyes at a time and build in small breaks every few minutes. Try to lash one eye until your client needs a break and then switch sides. You may need to adjust your client’s positioning a couple of times throughout the appointment. She may need to switch from lying on one side to lying on the other.

Remember, pregnant women, especially those later in their pregnancies, often need to use the washroom more frequently. Make sure you have time for them to go before, during, and after their appointment.


Lashing a pregnant client will take longer so make sure to schedule enough time for them so you’re not running behind and stressed for your other clients.


Every woman has different experiences with hair growth during pregnancy and hair loss during pregnancy. Hormones may affect the retention of their lash extensions. Educate them about potential retention issues ahead of time so they won’t be surprised if their results are different than what they expected.

Some women may experience hair growth during their pregnancy. This means that their lash extensions may grow out much faster than they’re used to so they’ll have to come in more frequently for refills. 

If you’re working with a client who recently gave birth or is about to give birth, you should educate them to prepare for hair loss and how that may affect their lash extensions retention. They could lose their extensions quicker than normal because of this.

Either way, it’s better to be prepared than to be surprised.

Being pregnant is a beautiful experience and it makes sense that you want to also look beautiful. Prepare for more time, effort, and preparation on your part during these services. The lash tech’s job is to make sure you feel comfortable and stay healthy while getting your lash extensions applied.


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