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Damaged Lashes after extensions?

Life is full of choices. Big choices, small choices; it’s the sum of our decisions that […]
Damaged Lashes after extensions?

Life is full of choices. Big choices, small choices; it’s the sum of our decisions that make us who we are. When it comes to beauty, there are a million and one things to choose from. But one choice in particular can make a big impact: lash extensions.


Lash extensions can give you bombshell eyelashes without a lot of effort, but what happens when they are applied incorrectly and damaged or you feel like your lashes are weaker after removal? Here’s how to fix lashes after extensions.


Generally speaking, if you are going to a technician who knows what they are doing, your natural lashes should be in the same condition when removed as before you got lash extensions applied.

Sometimes they can be a bit straighter and sensitive for 2 weeks, but they bounce right back!


Now, what to do when your technician damaged your lashes or you damaged them?


This unfortunately happens with lack of education or care for your lashes by the technician, you’ll know your lashes are damaged if the extensions are painful and irritating. Maybe the extensions you are wearing are way too heavy for your natural lashes, or you are not cleaning them and your natural lashes are incredibly weak from the lack of oxygen.


If you damage them by plucking or picking at them…then just get them removed and let them heal.


If you find yourself in one of these situations, don’t despair!

There are several things you can do to help repair your damaged lashes. First, try using a lash serum or castor oil to help stimulate lash growth. Make sure it is a lash serum and not a lash conditioner. Latisse and Eyenvy are our favorites.


Second, give your lashes a break from lash extensions for a few weeks to allow them time to recover. Lashes take 6-8 weeks to cycle through and be brand new again. Therefore you should not apply false lashes during this time.


Finally, be gentle when brushing or cleaning your lashes, and avoid rubbing or pulling at them. With a little care and patience, you’ll soon have strong, healthy lashes again.


If you’re unhappy with the state of your lashes, we can help. We offer lash extensions and other services that can give you the look you want after your lashes heal.

Contact us for more information on the best way to handle your lash situation.


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