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How long do lash extensions last, is it worth it?

Lash extensions are all the hype right now, if you are curious if they are worth […]
How long do lash extensions last, is it worth it?

Lash extensions are all the hype right now, if you are curious if they are worth it, or if you are asking what set to book once you’ve chosen a lash artist or what are the other things to consider, keep reading.


Eyelash extensions last 6-8 weeks before completely falling out if you don’t refill them regularly. You will need to get refills every 2-3 weeks if you want to maintain your lash extensions. Remember when booking your refill, to have 40% of your lash extensions remaining!


Maintenance is easy, keep them clean with regular deep cleansing, brush them daily and don’t interact with them outside of these things. They are super convenient for saving time in the mornings while getting ready.

Your one hour or one and a half hour refill appointment is totally worth the time saved in the mornings. You can sleep in that extra 20 minutes, make a coffee or do any activity that you want! Clients love the convenience aspect to getting lash extensions applied. Get ready to be complimented by your friends and family or even strangers on the street or at a coffee shop!


Lash extensions’ lasting powers depend on your clients?

Yes, Lash extensions will last you 2-3 weeks until you need a refill. This timeline is only if the lash artist had perfect application, and the client had perfect aftercare. Any neglect on both parties can make the lashes fall out within a few days or a week!


How long do classic lash extensions last?

Classic lash extensions last 3 weeks before you need refill maintenance. Classic lashes are the more natural option, meaning when they shed, they won’t look sparse or like you have a crazy gap in your lashes. Volume lashes are the ones who will last the longest because of how the fanned out extensions create an illusion of more lashes, covering any gaps that you may have.


How long do volume lashes last?

Volume lashes are 2-10+ fibers made into a fan placed on every single natural lash. They are carefully handcrafted into little fans to create the illusion of a thicker lash line and lash count. They will fan out over the gaps of lost extensions over the next 2-3 weeks which is great because they will never look too sparse! Volume lash extensions require 3 week refill sometimes 4 weeks maintenance like the other styles of lash extensions.


How long do hybrid lashes last?

Hybrid lashes are the mix of classic and volume lashes, they seem to last the longest because of the textured style, they give the illusion of fuller lashes for a longer period of time. As they get more sparse over time, they will never look insane even when almost bald! You will still need regular refill maintenance every 2-3 weeks.


Why do we need refills?

We naturally lose 2-5 natural lashes a day! The natural lash cycle is about 6-8 weeks long until you have a full new set of natural lashes. In order for your appointment to be considered a refill and charge the refill price you have to have at least  40% of the lash extensions remaining after the lash artist removed all of your outgrown ones, but every lash artist has their own policies, make sure to check yours before booking.

Anything less than 40% will usually be considered a full set or you will have ½ of your lashes incomplete when you leave the allotted time slot appointment. No one wants half done lashes, so if you are unsure of how many lashes you have left, send a picture of your lashes from the top view to your lash extension professional.

They will tell you if you need to book a full set or a refill. This also avoids stressing your lash technician out when you show up with close to nothing left on your lashes.


How to make lash extensions last longer?

Because lash extensions are applied to your natural lashes one by one and follow your natural hair growth cycle which takes about 6 to 8 weeks to complete, they will eventually shed—no matter what you do. But there are some steps you can take to avoid premature breakage and lash loss.

Avoid oil based products around eyes, ditch the heavy eye makeup, and no rubbing or pulling. Direct heat like lighters and bbq’s/ ovens are a big nono since the extensions are made from a synthetic fiber and they will melt on your eyes. No good.

There are products like sealants available on the market to help with retention. Of course washing your eyes and lashes is a MUST for long retention and prevents infections like blepharitis. Creepy crawly lash mite infestation. Ew.


Things to consider:

What about lash extension adhesive allergies?

You might develop an allergy to the eyelash extensions adhesive at any point in your life. Yes, even after having lash extensions for years. You will probably find yourself allergic to the cyanoacrylate in the adhesive which is the main bonding agent, but it is difficult to pinpoint what exactly the allergy is linked to. Swelling, itchiness and red eyelids are the most common symptoms but not all of them, this will happen in one or both eyes.

You cannot be allergic to the extensions themselves unless they are made with mink which causes an animal hair allergy. Depending on the severity of the allergic reaction, a person may have symptoms that last from a few hours to a few days. Treatment can also affect how long a person may experience reactions to the eyelash extensions usually they show up within 24-48 hrs of application.

A person should talk to their doctor if their reactions persist after a few days of removing the lash extensions. Unfortunately, once you develop an allergy to the adhesive, it is highly likely to persist even after having them removed for a couple months. If you absolutely want to try them again, book a patch test. You will get 2-3 lashes placed on your eyes to see if you are still allergic.


Sensitivities- Irritations?

If you are only sensitive to lash adhesive you can request they use a sensitive adhesive and wash your eyes and lashes after your appointment to remove any fumes from the adhesive that has landed on your skin during the procedure. Sensitivities are less severe than an allergy and can be controlled and maintained.

The main difference is there is no swelling of the eyelids and the symptoms will go away within a few hours. They may still be itchy for a day or two. The adhesive is bonded when in contact with moisture and cures on contact.

Meaning the fumes love to hang around our mucus membranes (eyes, nose and skin), and irritate you. You can wash your eyes at the appointment or at home later that night to remove any excess irritants. Wear a mask to your appointment if you are sensitive.


How much are lash extensions?

The price depends on the style of lashes you receive and the effect you’re going for, whether that’s a more natural or more dramatic look. Ranging from beginner lash tech pricing of $40 to an expert level of $200+.

Anywhere in between is usually what you will pay, which is about $100-$160. The maintenance fees are relatively low despite eyelash extensions being a luxury service. Lash cleanser is about $10-$15 but it lasts you a few months with regular use.


How long do lash extensions take to put on?

A full set of eyelash extensions takes anywhere from 1 hour to 4 hours to apply.

If your technician is a professional lash artist they will absolutely take their time to make sure every single of your 100+ lashes per eye is properly isolated. Prepare to be laying still for a long time. We recommend even listening to a podcast or audiobook to pass the time or you are welcome to take a nap. If your full set has taken under one hour to complete there’s a high chance they are not being applied properly or they did not fill in all of your lashes.


We hope this article has answered your questions about how long do eyelash extensions last and if eyelash extensions are worth it. Lash extensions are not low maintenance, but they do make your life a lot more convenient in terms of looking put together 24/7. So technically they are well worth the time investment and money investment.


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