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How to preserve your lash adhesive

Lash adhesive is the key component to the lash extensions service. Without it, there is no […]
How to preserve your lash adhesive

Lash adhesive is the key component to the lash extensions service. Without it, there is no lash extension service. Many things can go wrong that will cost you time and money to repair if you don’t preserve the lash adhesive properly.

When lash extensions are applied, a small amount of adhesive is used to bond the extension to the natural lash. If this adhesive is not properly preserved, it can become dry and brittle, making it difficult to apply the extensions.


What can go wrong?


  1. Poor lash retention: Trying to apply lash extensions on your clients natural lashes with an adhesive that is thick, dried out or expired will simply not form strong bonds to the natural lash. This will result in the extensions falling prematurely and your clients will be unsatisfied. Preserving your lash adhesive properly will make sure your clients are happy with the lash retention and should only come back every 2-3 weeks for refills.


  1. Client retention decreased: As a result of poorly preserved adhesive, some clients may stop coming to you for lash services because the trust between you and your client is decreased. They expected their luxurious new eyelashes to stay on for 2-3 weeks! Usually the lash extensions will fall out within the first 24 hours with no natural lash attached.


  1. Time and money wasted: Your clients may want their money back, or a free fix up. Because of your failure to properly store your adhesive, you have to re-do a few lash sets, or refund some unhappy clients. When you’re a busy lash artist, this can set you back and make you work overtime, big time.


Here are a few tips to help preserve your lash extension adhesive to avoid the events listed above:


  1. Store the adhesive away from other chemicals. Storing your lash adhesive next to your disinfectant or sanitizer solution could interfere with the chemical formula inside the adhesive bottle if the lid is not screwed on tightly enough. Improperly storing your lash adhesive will make the liquid gooey or brittle, basically unusable.


  1. Do not expose the adhesive heat or cold environments. On your adhesive bottle or box there should be a label advising you what temperature is ideal to store your lash adhesive for perfect preservation. Lash adhesive is extremely sensitive to heat as well as extreme cold temperatures. The fridge can let moisture in the bottle and degrade the formula and excess heat will turn the adhesive thicker than usual making it difficult to use. Therefore you should always store your adhesive in a closed drawer or cabinet away from direct sunlight, radiators or any heat source.


  1. Wipe the nozzle on the adhesive bottle after each use. Nozzle wipes are sold fairly cheap and are a must have for any lash artist to perfectly preserve their lash adhesive! They are thin sheets of cotton and lint free materials and are non reactive to adhesive chemicals. After dispensing a droplet of adhesive in your holder of choice, gently press the air bubbles out of the adhesive bottle and wipe the excess adhesive with the nozzle wipe. Close the adhesive cap and store upright. Doing this will ensure that your lash adhesive doesn’t glue itself shut!


  1. Expiry date. Lash adhesive once opened has a 30 day shelf life before it is deemed unusable. Unopened, lash adhesive can stay usable for up to 3 months. To perfectly preserve lash adhesive, we suggest not buying in bulk to ensure perfect product quality with every drop!


Preserving your adhesive perfectly will make your life and your client’s lives easier. By following these simple tips, you can help ensure that your lash extension adhesive stays in good working condition.


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