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How to remove eyelash extensions safely

You have concluded that you need to get your eyelash extensions removed. Allergic reaction? Just over […]
How to remove eyelash extensions safely

You have concluded that you need to get your eyelash extensions removed. Allergic reaction? Just over it? Wasn’t the right fit for you? What if you absolutely  have to get them removed immediately and it’s after business hours?!

What can you do now?

Here are the best methods to safely remove your lashes.

  1. At home with the proper oils
  2. By a professional lash tech
  3. Professional grade gel remover

We always recommend that you contact your lash technician and get your eyelash extensions removed professionally. Please remember if the lashes are not done properly and there is an excessive amount of adhesive, glued to your eyelid or painfull, there is almost no way you can remove them at home safely.

Always make sure to do your extensive research before booking a lash appointment with a professional. Check their credentials, cleanliness and pictures of their work!


Don’ts of eyelash extension removal at home

  • 1. Do not tug or pull on your lashes, this will result in massive gaps in your natural lashes.
  • 2. Do not pick at your eyelash extensions, this will result in gaps in your natural lashes.
  • 3. Do not use a tweezer to remove your lash extensions, this is incredibly dangerous, we do not recommend anyone have sharp objects near their eyes.

Pulling, tugging, and tweezing will create gaps in your real lashes that can take months to grow back or may even be permanent. If you want to do lash extensions again, you may not be able to attach any lash extensions because of lack of natural lashes. Repeated picking will result in permanent lash damage. Don’t rub your real lashes when your lash extensions fall off. Eye rubbing can lead to that lash breakage and infection.


How to remove eyelash extensions with oil


There are alternatives to getting your lash extensions removed professionally. We know oil is a big red flag when it comes to lash retention as it breaks down the adhesive over time. It only makes sense to use oil as the safest way to remove them at home. It can be castor oil, coconut, olive oil and vegetable oil. Coconut oil works best, but try to avoid getting it in your eyes!


Follow these steps with the oil of your choosing:


  1. Get eye makeup remover pads, cotton balls or q-tips.
  2. Steam your face to loosen the extensions bond. (shower or boiling water steam over the stove)
  3. Warm the oil slightly, apply with the soaked cotton pad to your eye. Keep your eyes closed while applying the oil.
  4. Press and hold for 5 minutes.
  5. Once loosened, gently wipe your lash line with the cotton pad. The lash extensions should slip off slowly.
  6. If it is uncomfortable, stop and contact a local professional for a removal.
  7. Repeat steps 2-5 until the lash extensions are slipping off without your natural lash attached.


How to remove lash extensions without damaging natural lashes

Even though oils do break down the lash adhesive, most natural oils aren’t strong enough to remove lashes in one session. Expect a couple of sessions to completely remove your extensions OR book a professional removal.


How to remove infected/ blepharitis lash extensions


Blepharitis, the lash extension’s worst nightmare! Tiny Demodex lash mites infest the eye due to improper client aftercare. Build up of dead skin cells, makeup and oil on the lash line is the perfect environment for these mites to thrive! If there are ANY signs of blepharitis, your lash artist will want to remove all remaining extensions and perform a deep cleaning; a thorough eyelid scrubbing to physically remove bacteria, Demodex debris, biofilm, allergens, and old eye makeup residue – anything that may cause inflammation or infection.

Infection from dirty lash tools or blepharitis need a removal and a visit to the eye doctor for further instructions.


How to remove lash extensions with vaseline


With Vaseline, removing eyelash adhesive is a simple and convenient process. Simply wash your face thoroughly, steam the face to loosen the grip of the adhesive and apply Vaseline to the upper LASH LINE where the glue is present. Using Vaseline will soften the adhesive and will make it easier to remove the false eyelashes.


How to remove eyelash extensions with a professional remover at home


Professional and specific adhesive removers designed for removing eyelash extensions can be used to remove your extensions at home. They come in cream and gel like forms.

  • You can soak a cotton pad with remover and apply this to the lashes one eye at a time.
  • Wait 5-10 minutes to let the adhesive remover work its magic!
  • Gently pull the lash extensions off of the natural lashes, they should simply slip off.


When applying a professional adhesive dissolving remover to the extensions, be sure to keep it out of your eyes. Use small amounts at a time. Keeping your eyes free of any irritants is the most important thing to do when attempting to remove your extensions at home.


Professionals use eyelash extension removers formulated with very strong glue-dissolving materials. This product can be dangerous if it gets into contact with your eyes. Be careful when applying.


Risks of at home lash removal


Normally we strongly advise against removing eyelash extensions at home by yourself. In fact, whenever possible, we recommend getting them taken off by a professional. We have seen several horror stories of clients damaging their natural lashes during the removal process by pulling, picking or rubbing. As this detaches the lash extensions by force, it will break and damage the natural lashes.


We have seen clients lose their natural lashes entirely after removing them at home. Once your natural eyelashes are damaged, it may take several months for them to grow back to their original length and thickness if ever.


Excessive amounts of oil applied to your lash line can clog your pores. This can lead to blackheads, pimples, and even breakouts around the eyes, or even worse a stye! Ouch! Please wash your face generously after using any oil on your skin and eyes.


How much time does it take for lash extensions to fall off on their own


Lash extensions eventually shed after having grown past the adult phase. Because eyelash extensions are applied one lash at a time to a single natural lash, the natural lash can freely go through the growth cycle and eventually shed with the extension attached to it. To fully get rid of all lash extensions with the natural lash shedding process it takes about three months.


How to book with a professional for a safe removal


Search for the closest available professional that does lash removals. Usually these are a small fee or $20-$30. The lash artist will apply a gel or cream to your lashes and slip them off without ANY damage to your natural lashes. The process takes 15-45 minutes depending on the state of your extensions.


What now?


Hopefully After removing your eyelash extensions you haven’t lost too many natural lashes, but if you want to take a break from lashes altogether after removal, try using a lash serum to jumpstart your natural lash growth. They will be longer, thicker, and fuller after using a lash serum. Be sure to not mix up a lash serum and lash conditioner!


We hope this blog helps you decide what removal technique will be best for you!

Contact us anytime for additional information if needed.

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