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Lash extensions over 50?

As we age, our skin and hair go through changes. Unfortunately, these changes are not always […]
Lash extensions over 50?

As we age, our skin and hair go through changes. Unfortunately, these changes are not always for the better. One of the most common complaints among older women is that their eyelashes become thinner and less noticeable. This can be a real blow to your self-esteem, especially if you’ve always been proud of your thick, lush lashes. But there is hope! There are ways to achieve beautiful, full lashes even as you age. In this blog post, we’ll share some tips for choosing the right type of lash extensions. You can have gorgeous lashes that will make you feel fabulous at any age!


The good news is that there are still many options available to help you achieve the look you desire. Whether you’re looking to add a little extra length or fullness to your natural lashes, we want you to consider a few things.


Weaker natural lashes;


You will find that you might have weaker lashes due to being thin and brittle. As a result, they won’t be able to hold a lot of weight without breaking or falling out. Consider asking for a lightweight lash set to ensure no natural lash damage.


Natural lash gaps; 


As we age eyelashes naturally thin out, often creating bald spots. For some people, this can be tragic.. The perfect lash set to give people with this issue is a lightweight wide fan volume set.


Droopy eyelids; 


Often, older clients develop droopy eyelids, our skin gets loose and sags a bit. For us lash artists, that can be a problem when it comes to choosing the correct and flattering curl for our client.

Thankfully, we’ve found a great way to enhance these types of eyes. The L and L+ curl, M curl or D curls are perfect to create an open-eye effect for clients with hooded eyelids or deep-set eyes, but more importantly older clients with droopy eyelids.



What thickness will be healthy?

The eyelashes of clients over the age of 50 are usually naturally thinner than those of younger clients. To create a natural classic lash look, we recommend lash extensions of a diameter between 0.10-0.15. With volume, try to stick to using 0.03 with fans of 5-8 fibers if thickness is wanted, or 0.05 with fans of 3-5 fibers if hybrid is wanted.

When it comes to adding length, keep them on the shorter side, with a maximum of 2-3 mm longer than their natural lashes. Long lashes will only accentuate the bald spots on the lash line and the retention won’t be good. The only reason to use slightly longer lashes is if your client has droopy or hooded eyelids since their lashes tend to hide when their eyes are open.

We hope this post helped you determine what to ask for during a lash service and made you realize that getting lash extensions over 50 is totally okay and worth it!

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