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Lash extensions troubleshooting

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Lash extensions troubleshooting
Let’s talk about how to troubleshoot lash extensions. We all love the convenience that lash extensions give us, but finding useful information about how to maintain and repair them properly can be […]

Let’s talk about how to troubleshoot lash extensions.

We all love the convenience that lash extensions give us, but finding useful information about how to maintain and repair them properly can be difficult.

As a client I’m sure you try to take care of your investment as best you can, but things happen. Being lash extensions specialists, we will let you know how to properly troubleshoot some of the most common mistakes.


What causes lash extensions damage?

  1. What if I slept on my lashes and now they’re all tangled?
  2. What if I cried and now they are all stuck together?
  3. What if they are too long or too much?
  4. Did I just BURN off my lashes?!
  5. I took off my lashes and now I feel bald!

Don’t panic! Keep reading to know the most common things that can go wrong and how to deal with them.

What to do?


First off, take a deep breath. Secondly NEVER make an impulsive decision with lash extensions and decide to pick them off or cut them off yourself. There is a better way.


How to fix eyelash extensions after sleeping on them?


Let’s say you had a really good night’s sleep and you wake up to look at yourself in the mirror and your lashes look like they’ve been through a tornado. You probably were rubbing your eye on your pillowcase all night long. Get your spoolie and brush through them from root to tip. Now your lash line might feel a bit sensitive to the touch because of the tugging they’ve been through all night.

It will go away after a few hours, just leave them alone. You might need a refill sooner than expected since the friction of the pillow on your eyes caused premature fallout. The lash artist cannot promise that the extensions will stay attached to your natural lashes if you do not follow the proper aftercare.


Tip: to prevent lash extension damage, get a silk or satin pillowcase to avoid your lashes from gripping on the materials and causing premature lash fallout.


How to fix eyelash extensions after crying?


We as lash artists hope our clients don’t cry and ruin their lashes but it happens. The salt and minerals in our tears will make your lashes feel heavy and stuck together. As soon as you can, rinse your eyes and lash extensions with cold/ medium temperature water. If they’re still not as fluffy as before you cried, try washing them with a lash cleanser to remove the stubborn traces of tears. Pat dry and carry on with your day, hopefully no more crying!


How to fix eyelash extensions that are heat damaged?


Another common occurrence is direct heat damage. The lash extensions are made from PBT, meaning they will melt at high temperatures since they are synthetic. Examples of this can be barbequing, opening the oven & lighters. You will know if they are melted because the tips will be singed and you won’t be able to brush through them as easily or they will lose their curl!

To avoid this mistake, consider keeping distance from high heat cooking surfaces and open flames. Of Course you can still cook, just don’t stick your face in the oven the second you open the door to check on your food. As for lighters, don’t light your cigarette close to your face. Easy fix!


How to fix eyelash extensions that are twisted, feel itchy or are stuck together?


Misplaced extensions can look like; twisted and criss crossed, stuck together, glued to your lash line’s skin. This will feel irritating to your eyes and weigh heavily on your eyelids. You might develop red and itchy eyelids as a result. That is enough to make anyone go crazy.

If your eyes are irritated but your lash extensions seem to be applied properly, you might have blepharitis. This will look like yellow build up at your lash line and flakey eyelids. Basically an overload of lash bacteria buildup!

Please consider reading our blog about. “How to remove lash extensions at home safely” or contact a professional for a removal. Any of these would usually require a removal.


How to fix lashes that are too short after removing your eyelash extensions?


Let’s say you have removed your lashes and now you feel that your natural lashes are short and stubby or non-existent. Hopefully you still have natural lashes since your lash artist did a good job isolating. If not, we’re here to help. Grab some lash serum or if you’re on a budget grab some castor oil from the drug store. Castor oil is a great alternative for lash serum as they can run up to $200 for a bottle vs castor oil $10.

Lash serum is applied at the lash line like an eyeliner and promotes lash growth. Castor oil should not be applied to the lash line as it can clog pores and cause a stye. Instead apply the oil to your spoolie and brush through your lashes until they are coated but not dripping with oil.


What to do if you notice you don’t like the way your lashes look?


On another note leaving a lash appointment with lashes that you hate is never a fun time. Maybe you didn’t notice you hated them until you got home and now your lash artist is fully booked for the week! You have two options, either contact your lash artist and explain that you are unhappy and why or remove them yourself at home and find a new lash artist.

If your lash artist is reasonable they will fix them for you for little to no cost if you contacted them within the first couple of hours. Explain why you dislike them, are they too long? Too thick? Not enough? Unflattering shape? On the other hand, Removing them at home is an option. Visit our at home removal blog post for further information. Never try to cut them to shorten them since this will give them a blunt appearance and look worse.


Hopefully this helped you troubleshoot the most common mistakes our clients talk about. We want everyone to know how to handle these things if they were to happen! Lash health is incredibly important. Without healthy natural lashes there is no way to attach extensions.


Contact us anytime for additional information if needed.

Text: 647-932-0285

Email: Admin@beautiverse.ca

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