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New Lash Artist: Essential Tools and Supplies Guide

As a new lash artist, you’re probably wondering what you need to buy to get started. […]
New Lash Artist: Essential Tools and Supplies Guide

As a new lash artist, you’re probably wondering what you need to buy to get started. Well, don’t worry, because we’re here to help!

Below we will outline each item with a brief description and reasoning why it is necessary for your kit as well as a few items that are usually not provided in any lash training but they are non negotiable items to buy when you’re a new lash artist.

This blog is directed towards those starting out in the lash industry – we hope it will be helpful! Let’s get started!

Do I need to take a course to be a lash artist?


Not every province or state requires you to have a certificate or license to practice lash extensions. We highly recommend that you take a course or training to make sure you are capable of applying eyelash extensions properly and safely.

At Beautiverse we make sure to have hands-on training with our students and teach them all the skills necessary to succeed in the lash industry.


What should be in my kit if I decide to take a lash training course?

40 Under Eye Gel Pads (disposable)


Under eye patches are used for covering the natural bottom lashes, providing comfort for your clients eyes, a perfect base to draw your lash map and a safety guard from tweezers.


1 Roll of tape (disposable)


Medical grade tapes are used to protect the lower lashes from adhesive during application. Lash tape also helps press down puffy under eyes or high cheekbones, helps tame twitchy eyes and helps with isolation.


100 Adhesive pods (disposable)


Made to hold the adhesive droplets during the lash application. They come in various forms such as rings, pods, jade stones and disposable adhesive stickers. For safety reasons, we do not recommend adhesive rings as they are more susceptible to cause irritation to your mucus membranes, and you can drop adhesive on your clients face or eyes.


4 Lash Trays


Lash trays come in different curls, diameters and lengths and hold the lash extension fibers.


50 Lash spoolies (disposable)


Lash spoolies are used to untangle the lash extensions during the service and given to every client after the service to take home and brush their lashes daily.


2 Adhesives (Black & Sensitive)


Adhesive is the reason the lash extensions attach to the natural lashes. They come in black and clear formulations, regular and sensitive.


1 Mannequin head


Practicing mannequin, practice lash application.


1 Gel Remover


Remover is the adhesive solvent, used during lash extensions removal and refills.


1 Primer


Used before lash extensions application to balance the PH levels of the natural lash and help adhere the extensions. To be used only on oily natural lashes.


1 Straight Tweezer


Isolation tweezer, used to separate and isolate the natural lashes. Used with your non-dominant hand.


1 Curved Tweezer


Pick up tweezer, used to pick up the lash extensions and place them onto the natural lashes. Used by your dominant hand.


Micro Swabs


Micro swabs are used to clean and prime the natural lashes before application.


Nozzle wipes


Nozzle wipes are used to clean the adhesive nozzle tip of remaining adhesive after use to prevent clogging of your adhesive bottle. They can also be used to soak up tears from watery eyes during application.




Bladeless fan is used to blow away any fumes created by the adhesive curing and irritating your clients eyes. Can also be used to dry water after cleansing your clients lashes and to dry tears.


Must have supplies that are usually not in a lash training kit

1 Lamp or Ring light


Use this to properly see and isolate the clients natural eyelashes.


1 Lash bed


Use a lash bed or recliner chair for your client to lay on during the lash application.


1 Barbicide or Preempt disinfectant, hand sanitizer


To sanitize your tweezers and tools in between clients.


1 Covered storage


Store all of your equipment in a covered storage to ensure proper hygiene for your sanitized and disinfected tools.

Congratulations on taking a first step towards your lash business! Now that you’re ready to start learning, we list what you need to buy or expect in your kit when you’re a new lash artist.

Make sure to book a course consultation with us now so you can get started with your new career as a lash artist! We hope this list helped you in narrowing down the overwhelming list of lash supplies available on the market today.

Contact us anytime for additional information if needed.

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