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Who is and isn’t an ideal candidate for eyelash extensions?

Are you considering lash extensions? If so, there are a few things to keep in mind […]
Who is and isn’t an ideal candidate for eyelash extensions?

Are you considering lash extensions? If so, there are a few things to keep in mind before making your decision. Lash extensions can be a great way to enhance your look, but they’re not right for everyone. We’re here to  breakdown who is and who isn’t the ideal candidate for eyelash extensions. Here’s what you need to know;


Generally, if you have natural eyelashes, you can get lash extensions. Lash extension services are considered a luxury service, and can be on the pricier side. Read the list below to see if you identify with any of these life and medical conditions that would make getting eyelash extensions a waste of time and money.

  • Lack of Natural Lash Hairs: In order to get lash extensions applied, you must have natural lashes for the extensions to attach safely.
  • Alopecia: A condition causing the inability to grow hair, without lashes we cannot apply lash extensions safely.
  • Chemotherapy Hair Loss: Lash extensions will be possible again once lashes grow back and are strong enough to hold the extensions without causing damage.
  • Mechanical Damage: Lashes that have been removed or are too short due to using a manual curler or scissors and cutting them off.
  • Trichotillomania: A disorder that involves recurring urges to pull out body hair, including lashes. In some cases, eyelash extensions can still be applied and have actually kept people with this disorder from tugging on their natural eyelashes.
  • Poor Natural Lash Health: Lashes that are extremely short, thin and fragile may not be strong enough to support eyelash extensions.
  • Damaged Natural Lashes from Poor Lash Application: In these cases, we recommend you wait for the damaged lashes to naturally shed before applying extensions. This could mean waiting anywhere from one to three months, depending on how much damage is present.
  • Allergies to Adhesives: Anyone with an allergy to the adhesive ingredient; cyanoacrylate (an industry standard when it comes to the application of eyelash extensions) may not be a candidate for lash extensions.
  • Thyroid Medication: Can still be lashed; however, you could experience increased and rapid shedding. If extreme shedding does occur, scheduling a refill appointment every week is recommended to keep that lash line full.
  • Active Eye Infections-Conditions: If you have conjunctivitis, a stye, blepharitis and other eye infections, you are not a lash extension candidate until the infection has passed.
  • Recovering from Procedures: If you are recovering from any type of eye procedure (cataract surgery, a LASIK procedure, a surgical eye or brow lift, etc.), you will need to be released from your doctor’s care before getting lash extensions and potentially any other services we offer.

If you are not a good candidate for eyelash extensions, we will let you know at your consultation. We want to make sure that you get the best possible service and that your lashes look beautiful. So, if you have any of the following issues, please do not book an appointment until the issue is fixed. Book now to reserve your space if you don’t have any of the issues listed above. See you soon!


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